Bitshares to begin development of UI

Bitshares to begin development of UI

December 23, 2021 News 0

Good News for Bitshares users world wide as news from committee dropped that they will be funding the User Interface of the Bitshares DEX and the its mobile app.

The Bitshares committee finalised the plans on updating the User Interface for both the bitshares DEX and its mobile application early in December and the move comes on the heels of the new upcoming 6.0 update that would introduce more advanced lending features. Added to this the committee would also fund the maintenace of the bitshares python library to update it to the latest standards of the new core.

Below are details on how the funds would be allocated…

The mobile APP maintained and developed by btspp Xiaoxia. Will receive 100USD per hour * 40 hours per month = 4000USD per month, starting from November 2021, and paying for the first time at the end of December.

The desktop/web version UI and JS libraries are maintained and developed by Necklace and will receive 100USD per hour * 50 hours per month = 5000USD per month. Starting from December 2021, the first payment will be made at the end of December.

Finally the python library team Stefan and Xeror will get, 2000USD per month, starting from January.

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