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Bitshares to begin development of UI

Good News for Bitshares users world wide as news from committee dropped that they will be funding the User Interface of the Bitshares DEX and the its mobile app. The Bitshares committee finalised the plans on updating the User Interface for both the bitshares DEX and its mobile application early in December and the move…
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December 23, 2021 0

XBTS DEX now Cross-Chained with Binance Smart Chain

You can now make transfers between Binance Smart Chain and BitShares blockchain with the XBTS BSC cross-chain bridge. XBTS Cross-chain bridges [Binance Chain Bep2, Binance Smart Chain BSC, Huobi Heco Chain, Waves blockchain] address the following:– Lower fees– Increased transaction speeds– Improved productivity and usefulness of existing crypto assets– Higher security– Better privacy The Benefits…
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December 17, 2021 0

Bitshares Core 6.0.0 Release Notes

Bitshares core 6.0 is the next update to the consensus protocol of the Bitshares blockchain, it is code named “TBD”. Here are some of the improvements and changes that were made in the new release… Same Transaction Funding (No-Collateral/flash loans):This upgrade will enable Bitshares users set up fund pools with interest fees from which arbitrage…
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October 27, 2021 0

Bitshares Opens Its Doors To NFTs

The trending topic in the crypto space is all about NFTs and their various applications in commerce and art. NFT is an acronym for Non-Fungible Tokens, a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored and verified on a digital ledger or blockchain. NFTs are used to create items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types…
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October 25, 2021 0